How to Remove Dark Circles Naturally

Dark circles under eye make you look dull and tired, all the time; you can easily cleanse and heal. You can go to parlour and have a facial or even make yourself look better with the makeup, but not naturally. Here we have come up with some of the home remedies for which you don’t have to step out? And your face looks natural.

Dark circles are caused when you got stressed with very heavy work, sleepless night or any other health issues. It is very good to go with natural skin care products for healing those dark patches quickly.

Tips for reducing dark circles


Potato is the one of the best choice to reduce the dark circles naturally. Cut the potato into slices and place them on your eyes and relax for some time. The juice from the potato will seep into your skin around your eyes and reduces the dark circles.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves are another good way for removing dark circles. You have to crush the mint leaves until it becomes a smooth paste , and then you need to apply this under your eyes and leave for about 10 minutes. And finally wash it off with the cold water. You have to repeat this every night before you go to sleep and you can see the changes very soon.

Baking soda

Many people are not aware that the kitchen ingredient such as baking soda will be home remedy for removing the dark circles. First you need to take a cup of hot water and add a one teaspoon of baking soda in that. You have to soak the cotton pads in this mixture and have to place it on the eyes. And leave for atleast 10-15 minutes daily. So that baking soda will lighten the dark circles by naturally soothing and lightening the skin. It also increases the blood circulation around the eyes.

Olive oil

Olive oil contains natural antioxidants where it nourishes your skin under the eyes, and provides the hydration and keeps the skin healthy.Massage the olive oil in a light circular motion on the dark circles before you go to bed and you should leave it for the whole night. Its healthy compounds and fatty acids help in removing the dark circles. You should repeat this procedure every night.


Every day you will be having the milk but you will not be aware that it helps in removing dark circles. What you need to do is dip a cotton pad in the cold milk and place that on your eyes, it should cover the entire dark circles. You have to keep this for some time and then wash it off.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera has many benefits, one of them being it reduces pigmentation and sagging of the dark circles under the eyes. The anti-inflammatory and the anti-oxidant property rich aloe vera helps in providing the relief to the dark circles and treats them very fast. You should take some aloe vera extract and massage it under your eyes for atleast 10 minutes every night and then wipe away with a soft cotton pad. You can see effective results in a week.

Green tea bags

The woman who is working in front of the laptop for long hours might face this problem or due to irregular sleep may also trigger these saggy bags beneath your beautiful eyes. For that you can treat them effectively by just placing the cool green tea bags under your eyes for 20 minutes and wash your eyes with cold water. You have to practise this everyday in the evening after coming back from work. This will instantly soothe and provide a relief to your eyes.

Argan oil

One of the essential oils which has been effectively used by so many actresses because of its anti-ageing property. This is extremely light and easily absorbs in the skin. You have to take a little amount of oil and apply it by using your ring finger in the dark circle and massage for at least 10 minutes. You should do this every night before sleep.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is well known for alleviating several skin related problems including reducing the pigmentation under the eyes. It contains minerals, vitamins and also enzymes which help in replenishing and rejuvenating the skin under the eye by providing the comfort and relief . In few days apple cider vinegar help in fading away your dark circles.

Castor oil

Castor oil is an effective home remedy for removing the dark circles under your eyes, which helps in rejuvenating and relieves the eyes of pain and also pigmentation. You have to take a little bit of castor oil and dip that in the cotton.Swipe that evenly on the affected areas. Finally wash it off after 10 minutes by using the cold water.

Most of the people looking for remedies to get rid of dark circles can do so at home itself. So don’t go looking elsewhere for expensive cures to dark circles; they’re all right there in your kitchen. And always go with natural skin care products, MITVANASTORES.COM sells herbal beauty products online which help in nourishing your skin and helps in removing the dark circles. You can buy MITVANA skin care products online for removing dark circles under the eye and give a natural look to your