How to Look After Your Skin and Hair during Season Change

All of us basically face two major seasons throughout the year –winter and summer. Changes in environmental temperature along with changes in humidity level affect our health as well as our skin and hair. Wide fluctuations in temperature during season change also affect the moisture content in the air.

In summer we tend to spend more time in outdoor activities with increased physical activity. As result our skin and hair is exposed to sunshine and heat. To maintain our body temperature our body needs to work harder and as a result our skin and hair health gets affected. In summer months we tend to wear lighter clothes and do not cover our head as result both the skin and the hair gets exposed dust and heat.

Hair Care:

During winter months our hair and skin lacks the moisture it requires because the air is drier and intake of water is also reduced. Impact of season change affects hair the most. Normally hair growth follows a definite cyclical pattern. The antigen or the growth phase is followed by a transitional phase when the growth ceases which lasts for about 2-3 weeks. During this phase the hair loss increases and one may lose about 50-100 hairs per day. This is a normal biological rhythm to be followed by another growth phase. In winter months the scalp becomes dry and itchy as the air is low in moisture content. This aggravates dandruff and irritation and causes hair fall.

The simple way to reduce irritation of scalp and dandruff, apply coconut or olive oil and massage on the scalp or the best way is to apply Mitvana anti dandruff hair oil. Massage this light oil on the scalp at night daily that will reduce the dandruff and ultimately the hair fall. Rinse it out with shampoo and condition. The most annoying thing in winter is the frizzy hair and the static charges. Always wash your hair with lukewarm water that helps retain natural oils that protects the hair. Leave-in-conditioners can also help retain moisture because lack of moisture in winter leaves your hair dull looking, frizzy and lifeless. During winter comb your hair carefully to detangle the frizzy hair.

Slow massaging of hair with Mitvana nourishing hair oil helps the oil penetrate deep into the roots. This not only helps moisturize your hair, improves blood circulation in the scalp and thereby nourishing the hair follicles and thus preventing hair fall.

Drying your long hair is a big challenge in winter months. The most important precaution to be taken is not to put your hair while it is still wet. Wet hair and scalp attracts fungi which causes dandruff. Never rub your dry hair with towel as friction may cause split ends and damaged hair. The most accepted way to dry your hair after a bath is to squeeze the extra water with a fresh, dry and soft towel and then is required use a blow dryer. If at all you need to speed up the process then use hot air by holding the dryer at least 15-20 centimeters away from your hair.

The hair requires maximum moisture during winter months and to maintain the health of your hair, you need to use good natural hair oils and conditioners. Always wash your hair with Mitvana hair care products which contains natural actives and enough conditioners. If you need extra conditioning then you can use Mitvana conditioning serum after washing your hair thoroughly. This should be applied from mid-lengths to the ends of the hair. Always focus on oldest and the most damaged parts of the hair. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse with lukewarm water as this will seal in the moisture and leave your hair feeling smooth and lustrous. This little extra care of your hair during winter months will go a long way to ensure your good hair health.

Skincare in winter:

Our skin is the largest and the most sensitive organ of our body. Unlike other organs in our body, skin is exposed to kinds of changes in the weather conditions. As a result skin reacts differently to different weather conditions. Therefore what is beneficial for the skin in winter months may not be suitable for the autumn or summer months. Thus one should be fully aware of changing weather conditions and should take care of the skin accordingly. Mitvana skin care products can help you cope with changing seasons so that you can maintain a healthy and happy skin throughout the year.

Skincare in winter months:

Winter months are always tougher for your skin as compared to summer months. While skin has to tackle freezing cold winds outside, intense heat inside the rooms can leaves the skin extremely dry with complete loss of moisture. If your skin is dry and flaky, you can use gentle exfoliating face wash like Mitvana face wash with microscrubbers and Mitvana face scrub. Never use any harsh scrubbers as they can cause irritation may increase dryness. Moisturizing your face in winter months are the most essential activity. Use Mitvana body butter for dry skin and normal skin which contains skin nutrients like coco and mango butters. In the night you can use Mitvana night cream for perfect rejuvenation of skin.

Skincare in summer months:

Although summer months are hot and humid yet they are better for skin care. There are few issues with skin in summer months except sun burn, prickly heat etc. But this does not mean that one should ignore skincare during summer months. The major problems faced during summer months are sweating and skin becoming too oily. Therefore a good natural face wash like Mitvana derma face wash will help removing dirt and oil and moisturizing the face. The second most annoying problem faced is the sunburn. So a day cream or a summer cream with SPF 15 from Mitvana will help protect your face from UV rays and sun burn. Moisturizing you face is also important in summer months but the moisturizer should be light and oil free.

So with these tips you’ll be able to take good care of your skin – whatever the weather.

Skincare in autumn:

Our skin care routine should change as move from summer to autumn. During autumn the air becomes cooler and humidity decreases so our regime to keep the skin moisturize should get started. While we continue to use cleansers to remove oil and dirt, we should start using thicker moisturizer.

Don’t forget SPF

Protection from sun should always be followed throughout the year irrespective of the season. While you should use higher SPF April-September, You can use lower SPF during October-March. Any moisturizing cream with SPF 15 should be good enough to protect you throughout the year, provided you are not going to expose yourself to direct sunlight for more than 6-7 hrs in a day.

Standardize your makeup routine

Decide your makeup very carefully as the season change to avoid any flare up and irritations. Make use of Mitvana personal care products online based on the based on your skin type and season.