How Do I Treat Dandruff Effectively?

A woman always takes pride of having healthy, bouncy, and shiny hair. Be it after waking up in the morning, or getting ready for office. A women is always busy and conscious about her look, especially when it points at her hair and its quality. With a good quality hair, a lady is appreciated everywhere. Now, this is all about the benefits of having healthy and luminous hair. But my friends, have you ever think about the low-volume and greasy hair with dandruff? Probably yes! Many of us have this problem and we always think about the solutions with long-lasting and positive effects.

Well! Thin and greasy hair with dandruff is basically a skin disease, which is also known as seborrheic dermatitis, is caused by fungus named as Malassezia. Malassezi feeds on the oily substance, which is called as sebum, is secreted on scalp by sebaceous glands. Therefore, dead skin appears into white flakes as new skin is formed. To get rid of this inflammation and yeast, various and easy home made herbal ayurvedic remedies or treatments are there with their lifelong effective results. Treatments such as

Natural Oil and Ayurvedic shampoo treatment

  • This is a complete process with two significant steps to clean the scalp and to reduce the dandruff.
  • Both tea tree and coconut are anti fungal substances and their oil work as a moisturizer. They are used to nourish our scalp and help to hair re-growth.

N.B. Avoid using too much coconut oil and that too for long regularly.

  • To get the best result, mix both the oil and massage on the scalp with finger tips for thrice a week for 10-20 minutes and keep it for an hour.
  • After an hour, wash hair softly with the mitvana anti dandruff ayurvedic shampoo and let it dry. The ayurvedic shampoo should contains amla, shikakai and reetha.

N.B. Do not use hair dryer after using shampoo.

Various home-made hair mask treatments

Different resources to make the hair masks at home are- baking soda, neem leaves, vinegar, garlic and aloe vera.

  • Baking soda is a good scrubber that cleans your scalp and dead cells without any side effect or irritation. To get the best result, mix some baking soda with your shampoo (Ayurvedic) and wash your scalp and hair.
  • Neem leaves, which is popularly known for its antifungal and antibacterial functions, help you out from this problem. It deeply cleans your scalp with enduring effects. Wash your hair with boiled neem leaves water for twice or thrice a week and check the results.
  • Another effective antifungal home made remedy to abolish dandruff is the mixture of vinegar and water that can clean your scalp intensely.
  • To get quick result, apply the mixture of garlic clove juice with water on your scalp to get bouncy hair.
  • Enriched with anti-bacterial qualities, the transparent and concentrated juice of aloe vera is highly recommended by the therapists for anti-dandruff treatment.

Try the given therapies and enjoy your hair as ‘gorgeous hair is the best revenge’. Always go with the Ayurvedic Herbal products Which will keep your hairs healthy and shining.